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Founded in 2013, The Fundacion De Valle ART. Initiative is about voice and expression. It’s about creating bridges using contemporary art and promoting aspiring artists from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

Our initiatives reach beyond the canvas to include the artist in the fields of dance, film, literature, music, theatre, and architecture. Today, Fundacion De Valle’s ART. Initiative has grown into an enriching dialogue between artists of different generations, cultures, and disciplines.

Through our activities, we aim to:

Motivate & professionalize aspiring artist.
Promote the sale of contemporary ART throughout the Americas.
Fund Fundacion De Valle’s annual projects & programs.

Prominent among our yearly endeavors, which we can carry out thanks to our generous sponsors, is maintaining the gallery ART. open to the public and our annual participation in international fairs such as Art Basel Miami Beach and Zona MACO Mexico City.

Fundacion De Valle is the Dominican Republic based charity focused on helping children below the age of five with special needs, hardships and living with HIV or AIDS. Ten percent of the profits from the art works sold at the gallery ART. are donated to the foundation’s projects & programs.