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Finding Our Voice and Succeeding The Dominican Republic By Edward De Valle II

Finding Our Voice and Succeeding The Dominican Republic By Edward De Valle II

Here we are six weeks since our novel world began and many people can’t help but criticize our government for the decisions they’ve made.

The POWER of “MAKING THE WRONG DECISIONS” is equivalent to the power of leading, learning, informing, and owing it. The government of the Dominican Republic has done an OUTSTANDING job considering the limited resources it has when compared to other nations. 

I am tired of hearing that China is going to be the country that leads the world. It’s NOT (at least not in the next 20 years)! A country does not lead by its financial worth. A country leads by having a voice, respect, and influence and money does not buy the later.

Throughout this journey, the government has considered the balance between present & future – right & wrong – yesterday & tomorrow; knowing they own the responsibility not only to nationals, but also to Dominicans around the world as well as to the 7MM plus visitors to keep the island safe, prepare, plan and be ready to welcome everyone back. Ladies and gentlemen THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HAS INFLUENCE!

You should not be surprised a year from now if the Dominican Republic led the entire (Caribbean) region tourism numbers. With the support of G20 nations, which pledged Friday to cushion the economic blow of the coronavirus pandemic on global tourism and because of the way COVID-19 has been nationally managed; the Dominican Republic has a VOICE and it’s been heard; hence being taken seriously and we will surely benefit from these funds.

The Dominican Republic will continue to be the #1 receiver of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with a whopping 49% of all FDI from the United States and Canada for the region being invested here. Committing to investors that we will keep our #1 position as the most popular destination in the Caribbean will not be difficult. Consider that over the last 5 years 25% + of all travel to the Caribbean has been to the Dominican Republic. This is one of the key drivers for my company Profusion Group to invest $80MM USD to develop in the Dominican Republic our 8 hotels LA Quinta by Wyndham Hotel & Resorts.

There has never been a better time to invest in the Dominican Republics’ tourism agenda. Being one of the Dominican Republics’ travel leaders; I am confident that what will drive the Dominican Republic’s future tourism numbers, investor interest and their returns and not the endless industry data being shared. Instead it will be staying true to our Dominican DNA.

The Dominican Republic draws tourist like a mermaid with a harp with HAPPY and KIND people in plentiful amounts.

Before being polarized by the travel DATA pouring on influential travel and tourism industry professionals; its crucial to consider that when you invest in the Dominican Republic it is sure to be safe in a country who’s influence and voice is recently shining ,because of its hard during COVID-19.

I have chosen for all of my professional careers to “ALLOW DATA TO INFORM ME, but NOT INFLUENCE ME”. What continues to make us a smart investment is that Dominicans know who we are, believe in our tourism offering and are always open to welcoming you.

Profusion Group is the Developer for LA Quinta Hotels Dominican Republic.

Edward De Valle II
CEO/Managing Partner
Profusion Group

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