Both Risk Takers and Diligent Professionals Can Reap Rewards from 
Real Estate Entrepreneurship: Edward De Valle

Both Risk Takers and Diligent Professionals Can Reap Rewards from 
Real Estate Entrepreneurship: Edward De Valle

Both Risk Takers and Diligent Professionals Can Reap Rewards from 
Real Estate Entrepreneurship: Edward De Valle

It is often said that a career in real estate is not for the faint-hearted. While it is true that property development work is risky, and also requires a good grounding in various aspects of real estate work, becoming a real estate entrepreneur is not only possible, but also carries great rewards if done with the right approach, according to trusted travel hospitality and real estate global marketing expert, Edward De Valle.

First and foremost, those who carry an innate liking for taking risks and developing dream properties should not have much to worry about. They are certainly cut out for becoming an entrepreneur in real estate. These are the guys who buy land and build projects and finance property deals, such as shopping malls or recreation spaces or redevelop existing properties.

“Real estate entrepreneurship attracts the risk takers because if they are successful, the rewards to be reaped at the end are huge. It also calls for observing many precautions as well as taking the help of marketing agencies, consultants, and professionals, who can offer ready-made services,” says Edward De Valle.

Like any other career, real estate entrepreneurship too calls for a theoretical understanding of the basic concepts involved in property business. This could be legal, financial, engineering management or urban planning, and these are taught as courses in colleges and universities. The other alternative is to get practical experience by working with real estate professionals for an adequate amount of time and obtain a license. In case of marketing, Edward De Valle and his consultancy offer the complete range of digital, public relations, sales, and marketing services.

Perhaps the biggest factor for success in real estate projects is the presence of a good team. Apart from qualified legal and technical professionals, marketing to is important. In this field, Edward De Valle and his team have honed up their skills to help build long relationships between clients and their audience through a strategic communication process. This translates into creative and adaptable ways to reach the target audience.

Among the two primary choices of residential or commercial real estate, the latter offers better margins and returns. In the case of residential projects, a knowledge of local factors is also necessitated, though they are easier to try first. A knowledge of zoning and permits comes handy in both cases.

Given the risks involved in taking a real estate project from start to finish, it makes better sense to hire only experienced professionals when the sales stage begins. To raise the chances of success, Edward De Valle and his team adopt creative and adaptable ways to reach the target audience. The digital marketing tools include e-mail and contextual marketing, pay per click, SEO and social media, banner network ads and geo-tracking.

Building a good rapport by working on public relations is also essential for real estate entrepreneurs. To create positive vibes, Edward De Valle’s consultancy offers blogging and media relations, branding, events, research and social media marketing to bring real estate projects into the limelight.

There are several other aspects that real estate entrepreneurs must keep in mind before they take the plunge. One obvious rule is to take calculated risks and avoid over the top attempts to reap rewards that may turn out to be elusive. Good locations, efficiency and having all clearances are fundamental to success. Before taking the first step, feasibility studies can help prevent moves in the wrong direction.

Another virtue to practice is to be prudent and cautious and refuse projects that simply go against common sense. This can be accomplished by doing background research to one’s satisfaction and ignoring merely gut feelings as these can turn out to be false positives. Preparing thorough agreements, and Insisting on obtaining all necessary permissions and clearances also guard against falling prey to bad ideas.

“Above all, real estate entrepreneurs need to stay informed, and then build marketing strategies based on that. My team of experts can help them receive accurate guidance,” says Edward De Valle.

It may take time, but investments in property development are known to bear fruit if due diligence and hard work are put in. The process of selection, legal clearances, buying, building, and marketing is certainly long, but those with patience and the knack for taking risks can make it.

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